Transport of Construction Machines

Construction Machine

What are construction machines?

Construction machines are machines that are commonly used for excavating, loading and transporting construction materials. The main parts of each construction machine are the chassis, propulsion engine, propulsion system (wheels, tracks), transmission (transmits power with the propulsion engine to the working body) and the working part (box, cap, dozer blade, etc.).

Types of construction machines

The basic division of construction machinery is into:

  • Earthmoving machines. These include an excavator (a machine used for digging and loading earth), a bulldozer (a machine used for removing, filling, moving and leveling land), a loader (a machine used for loading material), a scraper (a machine for digging and loading earth), transport and unloading of excavated material), grader (machine intended for leveling the soil, making slopes, digging trenches and shredding materials), rollers (soil compaction machines), paver (special machine used in the production of asphalt layers of road), mole underground work machines).
  • Machines and devices for cargo transport. They are used to transport materials inside and outside the construction site. These are: dump trucks for loose materials (sand, gravel, earth), which unload the contents by dumping the cargo box and auto-mixers for transporting fresh concrete.
  • Load transfer and lifting machines. In construction, the load often has to be lifted and moved from one place to another within the construction site. Construction machines for lifting and load transfer are: car cranes, tower cranes (cranes), elevators, forklifts, concrete pumps and more.

Specificity of transport of construction machines

The transport of construction machinery must, above all, be in accordance with the relevant regulations regulated by the Ordinance on the safety of machinery (“Official Gazette of RS”, No. 58/2016) and the Law on Freight Transport by Road (“Official Gazette of RS”, No. 68/2015 and 41/2018).

For oversized transport and transport of heavy loads such as construction machinery, different types of towing and trailer vehicles are required.

Transporting work machines requires exceptional logistics and careful coordination.

Special specialized equipment is needed that meets all the requirements of road infrastructure as well as safety. Without the help of such machines, it would be impossible to perform certain work activities. That is why it is crucial for the transport of construction machines to do everything in accordance with the relevant regulations, and thus protect yourself from the risk of damage.

Given the specificity of the transport in question, the considerable weight and the important dimensions of the construction machinery, it is necessary to provide adequate means for the transport of a particular type of machinery. The bodywork must therefore be suitable for transport, so much so that the vehicle registration certificate itself contains the words “bodywork suitable for the transport of construction machinery”. The need for a so-called functional body lies precisely in the special nature of transport, which cannot be reported to ordinary vehicles that are not designed for this particular form of activity. Likewise, the staff of a transport company must also have specific professional skills.

And last but not least, professional training and experience of human resources is necessary. The transport of these machines requires experienced professionals, able to secure the load and complete the movement in complete safety, regardless of the required distance of transport.

In light of the above, there is a clear need to entrust the transport of construction machinery to a specialized company, which is constantly updating its business in accordance with the regulations applicable in this case.