Living Room Checklist: What You Must Have?

living room checklist

The living room is the center of every home. It is the place where the family spends the most time together, relaxing and enjoying, and as such, it should be perfectly arranged to provide you with maximum comfort. Since this is perhaps the essential room in your home, decorating the living room is one of the most important things. The living room decoration requires a lot of attention because it is a room where you will welcome dear people, friends, and family – although it should primarily meet your needs. When decorating a living room, you can always hire interior decorators who can help you by doing hard work. But if you are creative and like challenges – you can do it yourself. Decorating a living room is not something you do every day. With our living room checklist, you will be able to decorate a central space in your home efficiently.

Where to start with the living room checklist?

A big task such as decorating the living room can make you feel overwhelmed. If you realize that you are suddenly without ideas and you do not know where to start, think about whose living room left the biggest impression on you.

The internet can also be helpful. Sites like Pinterest can inspire you to look for specific style solutions, just like our living room checklist that you are reading. Don’t forget to save the pages with ideas that you like so that you don’t lose them later.

Before you start the decorating process, consider the size of your living room and adjust the amount and style of furniture. For example, bulky furniture will make a small living room look cramped and overcrowded. A large living room with too few pieces of furniture can look empty and sterile. Therefore, it is essential to find a balance.

Choose the color of your walls.

Before you bring furniture into your living room, you need to choose the appropriate color for the walls. Color affects the visual impression of the size of the space, so be careful. 

If the space is ample, you can be creative and play with bright colors and patterns. However, if your living room is small, it is advisable to stick to neutral and pastel tones. If you do not want the space to look monotonous, you can always accentuate one wall by painting it in a contrasting color.

Select the right furniture.

When choosing furniture, in addition to aesthetics, you should also consider the functionality and comfort of each piece. Whether you live in a small or spacious apartment, quality modern furniture that looks nice and allows you to store things will be the right choice.

Here is a living room checklist of furniture that is a must-have:


Sectionals are perfect for large spaces, but a simple modern sofa will be sufficient if your living room is on the smaller side. In both cases, as an addition to a seating area, you can always add armchairs with different designs from the rest of the furniture.

The sofa is essential to every living room checklist, as it is the central piece of furniture in every living room, so its aesthetics are as important as comfort. Of course, you will choose the design and style according to your taste and preferences, but let comfort be a decisive factor when choosing. 

You will spend long hours on the sofa, watching your favorite TV shows or hanging out with family and friends. If you don’t feel comfortable sitting, you will quickly want to replace it.

Cocktail table

The following important piece of furniture is a cocktail table. You need a place to put a drink or a bowl of snacks, right? 

Before buying a cocktail table, think about how often you have guests and what size you need. When it comes to design, there are many options available – you can play with shapes, colors, and material combinations. The cocktail table is a practical piece of furniture, but it can also be very decorative and thus adds a special touch to your space.


Tall shelves are a helpful addition to your living room – in addition to functionality, they can also be decorative if you decorate them with framed paintings and various other memories. 

The design of the shelves can be so diverse that you can easily find what suits you: from ordinary open shelves, through salon shelves, to unusual modern designs. The choice is yours.

Don’t forget to choose the right TV shelf. There are simple designs that are sufficient for your TV, but there are also pieces with enough space for a DVD player, speakers, and game consoles. 


There are three types of lighting that you should combine in your living room: ambient, task, and accent lighting. That way, you will be able to achieve the perfect lighting, whether you are making a birthday party or want to enjoy a romantic atmosphere.

Decorative elements that bring life to your living room

To make your living room as pleasant as possible and give the impression that someone is spending time in it when you are done with the furniture, pay attention to details – decorative elements that will bring warmth to your living space:


The right carpet will make your home look warm and cozy. You can find rugs made of different materials (wool, silk, cotton, polyester), which look modern, elegant, and even luxurious. It is up to you to choose the best fit for your furniture.

When choosing a rug, make sure it is neither too small nor too big. A small carpet will look like an island in the middle of your living room, while a large one could suffocate the space and make it smaller than it is.

Wall decorations

Empty walls look sterile and abandoned, but your living room will feel like home if you decorate them with art paintings, photographs, or posters. If you’re on a budget, you can find many exciting graphics on the Internet that you can print and frame.

Another great idea on how to fill empty walls is to add mirrors. Mirrors reflect light, give depth to space, and make them look bigger than they are. Petite, tall, ordinary, unusual, round, antique, modern – add whatever shape and style of mirrors you like.

In the end, add some pillows to the sofa or on the floor to make your living room as cozy as possible and admire the successful work you’ve done. Decorating a living room is an enjoyable process that you will love, especially with the help of our living room checklist.

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