All You Should Know About House and Windows Orientation

windows orientation

As you may know, the direction your home faces can significantly impact things like natural light and temperature. But did you know that it can also affect your mood, energy levels, and sleep patterns? That’s why it’s important to consider the windows orientation of your home when deciding where to live or build. 

East, West, North, Or South – Which One To Choose?

Let’s start with the basics – how do these four differ the most?

  • If you want lots of natural light, choose a home that faces south. This will ensure that your rooms are filled with sunlight throughout the day.
  • If you’re looking for a more temperate climate, go for an east- or west-facing home. These locations tend to be more sheltered from extreme weather conditions.
  • If you want to maximize your privacy, pick a north-facing home. These homes are often set back from the street and have fewer windows.

The Benefits Of Natural Light

There are many benefits to having lots of natural light in your home. It can help you feel more alert and awake during the day. It also boosts your mood, reduces stress levels, and improves your sleep at night.

In addition, natural light is excellent for your health. It helps your body produce vitamin D, essential for strong bones and a healthy immune system. It also aids in absorbing calcium, which is necessary for preventing osteoporosis.

If you work from home or spend a lot of time indoors, getting enough natural light is even more important. Spending too much time in artificial lighting can lead to headaches, eye strain, and fatigue.

The Disadvantages Of Natural Light

While natural light has many benefits, there are also some drawbacks to consider. For one, homes that get a lot of sun can be pretty hot during the summer months. Keeping your home cool and comfortable can make it challenging without running up your energy bill.

In addition, too much sunlight can cause damage to your furniture, carpeting, and window treatments. UV rays can fade fabrics and cause wood to warp or discolor over time. If you have a lot of valuables in your home, it’s important to take steps to protect them from the sun’s harmful rays. Seems like windows orientation is an important process, doesn’t it?

Of course, all of these issues can be circumvented by getting better windows. You can get a UV protection layer. Of course, somewhere where the winters are pretty harsh, as in some parts of Ontario, maybe what you need is the opposite – windows that can withstand the cold.

Think about getting window replacement in the Oshawa area and upgrade what you have to protect yourself from the cold. 

Natural Light and Decor

If you want to take advantage of natural light in your home, you can do a few things to make the most of it. For example, you can use light-colored paint on your walls to reflect more light into the room. You can also add mirrors to help bounce light around.

In addition, it’s important to choose window treatments that allow in as much light as possible. Sheer curtains or blinds are a good option, as they let in plenty of light while still providing privacy. Alternatively, you can leave your windows uncovered during the day and close them at night for privacy.


As you can see, the direction your home faces can significantly impact things like natural light and temperature. But it’s also important to consider how it might affect your mood, energy levels, and sleep patterns. When deciding where to live or build, take into account the home and windows orientation to make sure it’s the best fit for you.


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