5 Things Every Skate Park Should Have

skate park

In the past few years, skateboarding has become more and more popular. With the rise in popularity comes a new generation of skateboarders who want to go to parks to practice their tricks. But what makes a good skate park? What should you look for when visiting one? We’ve put together this list of things every skate park should have so that you can make sure yours is up to par.

A Place To Learn

The first thing every skate park should have is a place to learn. This can be in the form of a beginner’s area. It could just be the park’s main section with ramps and rails that are easier than some of the more advanced ones. Either way, it’s important that beginners have somewhere to go if they want to get started skating. Having multiple options for them will allow them to find their own level and gradually work up from there.

The second thing every skate park should have is good surface quality overall. This way, skaters don’t fall or slip while learning how to ride on new surfaces like ledges, rails (or even flat ground). The ideal surface would also be fairly smooth so as not to disturb other skaters too much while they’re trying out new tricks or practicing their old ones!

Space For Advanced Riders

The second most important thing a skate park should have is space dedicated to advanced riders. Skaters who are just learning how to skate need to feel safe. Still, they also need an area to watch other skaters perform tricks without feeling like they’re in the way. If you don’t have this kind of designated space for beginners and another area for advanced skaters, then all your hard work building your skate park will be wasted because no one will want to use it!

The third most important thing every skate park should have is enough space to practice their tricks without getting in each other’s way (or crashing into each other). This means that if there are two groups of skaters. One group is just starting out, and another already knows how to do some basic tricks. You need two separate areas within your skatepark. One is where beginners can learn new things without distractions from more experienced peers nearby. Another is where more advanced users can practice what they’ve learned without worrying about beginners disrupting their flow while trying out new tricks themselves.

Good Lighting

Lighting is essential to skate parks, as it allows you to see the ramps and obstacles in your path. The lighting should be bright enough to make out what’s around you without being so bright that it creates a glare on your screen or obscures vision with shadows. Ideally, natural and artificial lighting would be at the skaters’ disposal. Both types should be consistent throughout the park. This way, they can choose which type of light works best for them based on their personal preference (or current weather conditions).

A Manageable Distance From Home

When you’re a skateboarder, it’s important to be able to get to your local skate park easily. The last thing you want is for your trip there to be tedious and boring. If you live far from the park, this can be a problem because it means that traveling time will cut into your skating time. And who wants that?

It’s also important that the skate park isn’t too far away from home or school. Otherwise, students may not have enough time in their day for other activities, such as homework or sports practice (or just plain old sleeping).

A Judge And Jury On Duty 24 Hours A Day

A skate park should have a judge and jury on duty 24 hours a day. This way, if you’re in the skate park and someone comes along who is not supposed to be there, they can make a decision about whether or not this person should be allowed to use the skate park.


Skateboarding is one of the best things in the world. It can be even better if you have a place to practice your tricks. If you’re looking for an awesome skate park near your home or work, check out our list of the top 5 things every skate park should have!